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Beware of Impostors on Instagram!

WARNING: there are imposters on Instagram (maybe other platforms too) that pretend to be me offering sessions, mainly “readings”. They are out to steal your money. They have copied my account and name the profile almost identical to my ONLY account which is:


I repeat, this is the one and ONLY Instagram account I have. Do NOT be fooled by those that try to imitate the original.

UPDATE December 21th: several false accounts have been deleted now, but there are new ones out there that are very active for the moment. Here are some older accounts that I think are deleted, thanks to all the reporting: 


The new false accounts have altered their messages: the way they approach you, but the basic message is the same: they offer you something (hook you in) and they want to steal your money in the guise of “giving” you something. 

First, they befriend you, and you accept the request because you think it is me.
Then they message you offering you reading, they have a “message from the universe”, help with meditation, etc. 
Here is an example of how the scam message can look like (old approach – maybe they do this still. I am not sure):

Here is another screenshot.
Do you notice the desperate and dishonest energetic signature emanating through the words of this scammer?


If you fall for this, you will never see your money again. I would NEVER contact anyone like this. I have to say, I am surprised that some people think that it is me. Why would I contact people with that needy, pushy, and desperate energy — asking you for money? Wouldn’t it be more logical that I shared on my social media page and webpage if I offer sessions and then those interested will contact me? By the way, I am a therapist and coach, not a psychic reader — I have never said that I do readings, ever, so why would I suddenly show up in your inbox asking to give you a reading for money? How about the language that this impostor uses, does that sound like me?  Lots of red flags here. If you really read and “listen”, you will know it is not me. Trust yourself. 

For those that have lost their money to this imitator(s). I am sorry this happened to you.

It seems like some false profiles disappearing, so reporting seem to help even though Instagram are really dragging it out before they do delete these scam accounts. But, keep reporting false IG profiles, and their PayPal accounts (if you have received their payment details). They will continue to pop up until people stop falling for these obvious scams. Use your discernment, reason, and intuition, and you won’t have to contact me to double-check. The reason these parasites are still operating is because people are paying them for “readings”. STOP falling for lies. 

Thank you for your support.
I appreciate it.

– Much Love

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