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Set Conscious Boundaries: Stand Up For Yourself & Let Go Of People Pleasing

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There is no quick fi
x to changing the learned behavior of people-pleasing and the avoidance of setting boundaries.
But it is definitely possible to become better, to learn, and to change.
It will require your time, your attention, and your willingness to learn new things, and expand beyond many of your current standards and beliefs.
We cannot hold on to the old ways of being and expect things to change.
This course provides a solid foundation for that change to be built upon.
We will investigate boundary setting from a holistic standpoint: exploring the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of boundary setting and people-pleasing.



20 lessons (audio files)
Transcripts (PDF files) of all 20 lessons
The overall time for each lesson is approximately 23 minutes



You will learn:

✓ How to communicate boundaries effectively with your body, your words, and your energy.

✓  Learning how to build confidence and courage to set boundaries and stand by them.

✓ Learn how to detach from overthinking after setting a boundary. 

✓ Being at peace with your decision. (Is that even possible? Yes, it is.)

✓ How use practical tools to handle different challenges that might show up. 

✓ How to shield yourself from other people’s negativity.

✓ How to handle internal and external resistance.

✓ Become more self-aware and self-assured.

✓ Enhance your level of self-awareness.

✓ How to set energetic boundaries.


This course contains three guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions for uprooting the weed (negative programming around boundary setting) from the garden of your mind. And then sow new seeds that activate insights, learning, healing, and growth related to setting boundaries. Empowering you on a deep level.


This course will challenge you in different ways. 
Being challenged opens some doors for us to walk through and see things differently, and do things differently.
There is no sugar coating in this course, nor avoiding talking about things that can sting.
If we want real change to happen we need to start being aware, honest, and transparent about what is really going on.
Doing things that we’ve always done, won’t change anything.
We’ll just keep repeating the same thought patterns and behavioral patterns over and over again
hoping things will change by themselves.

The content in this course has the potential to forever change the way you think and feel about boundary setting and people-pleasing, and inspire you to take the steps you need to take on your boundary-setting journey. 

If you are ready…Or ready as can be…

Let’s begin.


PS: This course is also available at Insight Timer. If you are a paying member, the course is included there


Day 1 - The Journey of Boundary Setting

What are boundaries? How do we know if we have them in place or not? In this lesson we will venture into the different aspects of boundaries: physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, mental boundaries material and property boundaries, time boundaries, and energetic boundaries. Becoming aware and conscious of these aspects is essential in on the journey of becoming a confident boundary setter.

Day 2 - The Difference Between Rigid, Porous, or Healthy Boundaries

In this session, we will explore the spectrum of boundaries. There is more to it than whether we have a boundary or not. Boundaries fall along a spectrum; they can be thought of as healthy, rigid, or porous. We can fluctuate between these three boundary qualities depending on the situations we are in and the people involved. Don´t be too surprised if you gain insight and learning about yourself through the knowledge shared, the coaching questions, and visualization process in this lesson.

Day 3 - The Root Cause of People Pleasing

In the process of learning how to set boundaries there are blocks in the road. One of these blocks is our need to please others. It is a pattern rooted in fear, not compassion. We will explore the signs and reasons to why we people-please. As well as exploring the different fears that holds people back from setting boundaries. Many want to break from the people pleasing pattern, but feel stuck. How good would it feel if there is a way to break free, in a safe and natural way?

Day 4 - People Pleasing is a Behavior. Not Your Identity

People pleasing is a habit. Subconscious programming. A behavioral pattern governed by your beliefs, your attitude, your rules, your values, and your standards. They can be changed. Many people are trapped in the habit of pleasing others, not only out of fear, but because they feel “it is just who I am”. Are we willing to break free and stand on our own two feet?

Day 5 - The Hooks and Traps Of People Pleasing

Many want to be considered compassionate and kind. Understanding and loving. Accepting and non-judgmental. Patient and tolerant. This is especially prominent in the New Age community. The trap here is that we might become passive door mats. This happens when we lack knowledge and deeper awareness about what these virtues mean, and how to apply them in different contexts and circumstances. We will explore this in depth in this lesson.

Day 6 - Guided Meditation: Letting Go of People-Pleasing

A guided meditation/hypnotherapy session for preparing your subconscious mind to activate the inner resources needed for you to make the needed changes in your life when it comes to letting go of people-pleasing and setting healthy boundaries. And to help your subconscious mind reinforce and integrate what we have covered in lesson one to five, in a safe, natural, and empowering way.

Day 7 - Self responsibility and Self-Leadership

Choosing Self-Leadership & Self-Responsibility is key when it comes to boundary setting. What does it mean to take self-responsibility and self-leadership? How can we do that? Why is it essential that we stop taking responsibility for other people´s emotions, behaviors, and actions? Why should we stop playing the “blame game”? What is victim mentality and victim behavior? Let's dive deep.

Day 8 - Boundaries That Break Negative Family Patterns

Many have messed up and toxic family relations, and don´t know how to set boundaries to change the dymanic. There is no universal law that says that we have to allow these toxic patterns to continue just because it is family. Do we just have to tolerate bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or being mistreated and disrespected, just because it is family? Are we willing to stand up for ourselves when it is the right thing to do? We will explore these questions and more.

Day 9 - Social Pressure, Pogramming, and Setting Boundaries

Being capable to set boundaries when faced with direct or indirect pressure from groups of people, our culture, the social consensus, or people and entities that we concider to be authority — is a of high importance. External thoughts, emotions, beliefs and opinions carry an energetic charge that can have a strong influence on us. When we are heavily influenced by these external factors, the choices we make and the actions we take are not fully our individual and conscious choices and actions. Let’s explore this deeper.

Day 10 - Guided Meditation: Healing Lake & Affirmations

The second guided meditation/hypnotherapy session for deprogramming of disempowering beliefs, reinforcing empowering beliefs, and deep healing. Integrating and enhancing the learning, insights, and knowledge from day six to nine. Enjoy the journey.

Day 11 - The Basics of Effective Communication

We will explore how we communicate with our body language, with our tone of voice, and with our energy. Kenneth will share some very practical knowledge and strategies on how to enhance your communication skills when it comes to setting boundaries.

Day 12 - How To Communicate Boundaries Effectively

For us to communicate our boundaries clearly, powerfully, and effectively — we need to have awareness about what that means and what elements that need to be in place. Kenneth will share a recipe on how to present a boundary effectively, as well as exploring the language traps we can fall into that can make the process ineffective and cause more drama than necessary.

Day 13 - Blocks And Challenges On The Boundary Setting Path Pt.1

When we set boundaries, there will be consequences. People will turn to all sorts of drama behavior to “try” to sabotage our boundaries if they perceive the boundary as a “threat” to their feeling of security. To have knowledge and awareness about probable challenges that might show up in the process of setting boundaries — can help us be mentally prepared and physically prepared, if the challenge arises. This has nothing to do with being fearful, worrying, or focusing on a problem. It´s a solution oriented, resourceful, realistic, and optimistic focus.

Day 14 - Blocks And Challenges On The Boundary Setting Path Pt.2

For us to communicate our boundaries clearly, powerfully, and effectively — we need to have awareness about what that means and what elements that need to be in place. Kenneth will share a recipe on how to present a boundary effectively, as well as exploring the language traps we can fall into that can make the process ineffective and cause more drama than necessary.

Day 15 - Practical Resources for Detaching from Drama

How good would it be to have some practical techniques that can help you detach from internal and external negativity? Reducing the influence external negative mental and emotional energy can have on you. As well as neutralizing your own inner triggers, so that you can stand much more grounded in your power? Expanding our consciousness, becoming more aware, and knowing thyself, is key.

Day 16 - Energetic Boundary Setting and Protection

We constantly interact with external energetic information (non-physical information) and physical information that is around us. Other people’s thoughts and emotions can affect us to a great extent if we don’t have tools in place to handle this. We will go through some practical knowledge, tools, and techniques that can be of great support when you need to energetically protect yourself.

Day 17 - Anger CAN Be A Gift

Many people, especially those on a more spiritual journey tend to supress anger, feel shameful about being angry, and think that anger is bad and makes them less spiritual. Are these reasons aligned with objective truth, or are they symptoms of our subjective beliefs, and lack of awareness about how anger is an energy that can be transmuted to positive creational energy? Is the creational energy of anger sometimes needed to finally set that bouandary?

Day 18 - Energetic Boundary Setting and Protection

This lesson is a self-realization journey. We can divide our self-boundaries and standards in four categories: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your level of self-awareness, self-responsibility, and standards will determine the boundaries you have for yourself or boundaries lacking. You will learn different self-coaching strategies for enhancing clarity and drive for setting boundaries.

Day 19 - Hypnotherapy: Integrating The Learning

In this guided meditation/hypnotherapy session we will be tapping into the power of your subconscious mind…Integrating and reinforcing the learning, the insights, the knowledge, and healing that you have consciously or unconsciously experienced by committing to doing this course.

Day 20 - Boundaries, Connection & The Path Ahead

What is connection? How is inner work related to becoming more connected to yourself, Spirit, and Source? How are potentially being distracted from true connection while thinking we are already "connected"? How is 'committing to a life of constantly improving and expanding' paramount on the path of setting and holding healthy boundaries? All of this and more is the focus of this last session of this course.

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