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‘Feeling’ Trapped is Not Synonymous With ‘Being’ Trapped

I was looking through some notes I had written for a live event I had on Insight Timer in 2021. The title was: LET GO of Feeling Trapped, and 650 people attended. The level of engagement from the audience, and the depth of wounds, healing, and insight that this session spawned, made an impression on me. I’ve had many live events, but this one stood out. It inspired me to write something for an Instagram post. You can see the post here: 

Here is the follow-up text going a little deeper: 
Feeling trapped comes from a core limiting belief; “I am trapped”. (This core belief connects to several other beliefs like “I am not worthy – I am not deserving – I am not good enough”). Rarely are we actually (in reality) trapped, but the belief itself, “I am trapped” creates the perception of entrapment. Our core beliefs form the foundational structure from which most of our thoughts & emotions originate (we also pick up thoughts & emotions (thought forms) from others by resonance, or they are projected into our thought field (mind). Thoughts and emotions decide our choices and actions, so our beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Situations where one can feel trapped:

      • In a job

      • In an intimate relationship

      • In a friendship

      • In the family

      • In the home

    One can feel trapped:

        • financially

        • by an addiction

        • by society
        • by cultural rules

        • by other people´s choices and actions
        • by fears and insecurities

      Thoughts that fuel the notion of being trapped:

          • Nowhere to escape

          • I can´t get out of this

          • I am stuck

          • I feel lost 

          • I feel helpless

          • So hard to make a decision

          • I am tired

          • No one understands me

          • I don´t know what to do

          • I feel exhausted

          • I feel overwhelmed

          • It´s too late for me

          • Why is he/she doing this to me

          • Why is this always happening to me

          • I give up

        Thoughts that can shift the current situation — if resonant choices and action follow:

            • I choose to be open to creative ideas.

            • What can I do that I haven´t thought of yet?

            • This situation won’t change unless I change my focus and actions.

            • What Am I being stubborn about that I could soften?

            • What could change today, if  I chose to focus my energy on what I can control?

            • Fuck this shit! I refuse to let this hinder me.

            • I am getting back up again.

            • I will never allow this to happen again. 
            • What can I learn from this feeling? What is this feeling trying to tell me? 

            • If this is a test of my resilience – bring it on.

            • I stop waiting for the perfect moment. 

            • What would the 90-year-old me advise me to do next? 

            • It would be wise to do therapeutic work on my traumas and limiting beliefs.

            • I am getting out of this mess, starting today!

          Change is possible.
          It starts with internal change.
          When we take charge of our time, atterntion, and focus, do the necessary Inner Work,
          and take external action that supports the new trajectory we are aiming toward
          we will start noticing options, solutions, and possibilities that we couldn’t see, or hear
          because in the past, that information got filtered out by the “I am trapped” belief.

          Only when the caterpillar dares to break its cocoon 
          will it discover the strength of its wings
          and its freedom to fly.

          As I wrote this text, I realized how much more there is to share on the topic of beliefs and how to change them, as well as how to do Inner Work to release the feelings of being trapped, stuck, limited, restricted, etc. Right now, I can sense the pull in the direction of creating some high-quality and in-depth theoretical and  practical course, workshop, and videos on this topic. In the meantime, I can humbly offer you this article: Ingredients For Changing Limiting Beliefs

          Live strong! Shine Strong! 🔥

          Much Love, 


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