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My Mission

Dear Soul, thank you for choosing to connect with me. I AM a Light Warrior, showing up as a force for good in our time of Awakening to the Truth of who we are and what we are. I do so with Fierce Love and Enthusiasm, with Courage and Care, with Power and Purpose.

For us to truly flourish and thrive in alignment with the Divine, we have to be willing and committed to diving deep into the root core of our personal and collective issues that are indeed holding us in loops of unnecessary suffering. We need to face our shadows and unhealed wounds; realize that there is both Light and darkness operating within the structures and layers of reality. We need to face the massive lies and deceptions we have been programmed to believe in about ourselves, life on Earth and the Universe — and acquire truthful knowledge about it. We have to do the inner Work needed to peel off all the layers of negative mind programming and trauma that blocks our access to our Soul Power, to Truth and, and to Source. 

It is absolutely imperative that we start taking intelligent, wise, and resourceful action for us to truly heal and set things Right in ourselves and here on Earth. The time has come. Rise Light Warrior. Rise.

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