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Practical Information

Headphones or not?
Headphones are not required. However, they can help you enhance the listening experience and audio stimulation. Do what you prefer. Do what gives YOU the best experience.

Eyes open or closed?
There is no rule to this. It depends on the situation and what you prefer. For some, when eyes are closed it might be easier to relax and go into a meditative state. In that state, it is said that (alpha or theta brainwaves) our subconscious is more open and receptive to affirmation. Some feel like moving while listening to affirmation. If you are in a setting where you don’t feel like or can’t close your eyes, then don’t. Do what feels right at the moment. 

Which position should I be in when listening?
There’s no special “affirmation position.” You decide. You can relax, mediate, or be active.

Do I need to focus on something or think about something?
No, you don´t need to focus on or think about something specific. Just allow the affirmations to flow through you.

Is it safe to listen to while sleeping?
Yes, it is safe. It may sometimes impact your dreaming since your subconscious is working on integrating the affirmations.

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