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About Affirmations

About Affirmations

Words are energy. Words have power. Words create worlds. Words spoken internally create emotions. Words spoken externally create emotions. Positive emotions are high vibrational frequencies. Negative emotions are low vibrational frequencies. No emotions are in reality positive or negative. The whole spectrum of emotions have their purpose and can be utilized in an empowering or disempowering way. 

Your vibration (emotions) affects all aspects of your life: your thoughts, your physiology, the choices you make, and the actions you take. Choose your words wisely. And know that you are a wise being.  

What Are Affirmations?
Everything that we repeatedly say to ourselves out loud or in our thoughts is an affirmation, no matter if it is positive or negative. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a part of our brain that makes words that are repeated over time — a part of our belief system and identity. Words we listen to consciously and unconsciously, as well as the words we speak in our mind and out-loud are registered by our brain, subconscious mind, and physical body. The RAS doesn’t judge or define the words as positive or negative. If it is repeated, it will wire the brain to believe in it over time, and we unconsciously take actions that support our beliefs. Words are seeds. Every day you sow seeds in the fruitful garden of your subconscious mind. When you water and nurture the seeds every day (repeat them), they will grow (most of them). When we choose to listen to affirmations, we consciously choose what seeds we plant in our garden. Imagine that you want to have an apple tree grown in your garden, but you plant tomato seeds instead. You water it and nurture it. Do you expect to get apples? No of course not. You know that you will harvest tomatoes. The garden doesn’t care about what kind of seeds gets planted. With water and sunlight (positive or negative affirmations repeated over time), those seeds will grow.

The Subconscious Mind
Our subconscious mind is the deep part of us that runs all our automatic bodily processes, habits, thought patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and so much more. It stores every millisecond of our life, it is the ultimate memory bank. It is our link to our higher self, to other dimensions, to the Universe, to Source. 

 When you look at the surface of the sea, you only see what your eyes can perceive, while the sea can go thousands of meters in depth. You can´t see that, but it´s still there, it´s still a part of reality. Like the conscious mind (surface) and the subconscious mind (beneath the surface). The conscious mind is the analytical part of us, while the subconscious mind is completely illogical.

Why state the affirmations in the present tense?
Our subconscious mind doesn´t know the difference between past and future; all is here and now. It doesn´t know the difference between yes or no. It just reacts as if it’s truth (RAS). That is why it is so important to state the affirmation positively and as they are true right now. “I am healthy and energetic” is stated in the positive, here and now, with conviction and a positive emotional charge, it is received as a command that your subconscious mind reacts to as an obedient and loyal servant—if and when the command is repeated over a period of time. For how long we have to repeat affirmations before they start to become true depends on many factors. Using affirmations is not some magic pill quick fix. You may have to repeat and practice it for weeks and months, because for us to fully embody an affirmation as a complete truth, fully integrated into our body and mind, we will need to make changes to our current life, and make decisions and take action that is aligned with the affirmations. To change our core negative beliefs about ourselves like “I am not good enough”, will in addition to doing affirmations, require you to do deep Inner-work: healing your traumas and emotional wounds. Only then will we fully embody our new truth. Using affirmations is one of many tools on the path of awakening. 

Do you need to believe in the affirmations?
No, you don´t need to believe 100% in them. Your subconscious mind will register them, and after I while one may notice that the belief in the affirmations has become stronger. However, as I have stated before. Most likely you will be required to do some deeper healing work, and take action that reflects the affirmations, to fully integrate and embody them.

What if some affirmations make me feel uncomfortable?
We can also experience resistance to some affirmations when they challenge our current beliefs. If we have counter-beliefs programmed in our subconscious mind that are opposing, in polarity, to the empowering affirmation presented, then the resistance may show up as anger, sadness, fear, frustration, doubt, or some other low vibrational emotion. This is okay. Accept that a part of you is resisting. Locate the resistance (fear, anger, sadness, etc.) in your body. Stay with it. Feel through it. Breathe through it. Take your time and allow the emotion(s) to discharge. Face your emotions and physical reactions (discomfort and even physical pain). The emotions and physical reactions are pent-up emotional energy from the past coming to the surface. You will discharge this energy when your body is allowed to feel it, instead of you stuffing it away like it doesn´t exist. Dusting dirt under the rug doesn´t mean that it is gone. It is just out of sight. I recommend using EFT (Tapping energy meridians while feeling the emotions fully). Remember to take responsibility for yourself and your wellbeing. If you feel it is “too much” or too overwhelming to do this by yourself, then you can invest in a therapist to work with you. Preferably one that is courageous and conscious enough to work with the core issues of a problem, taking the weed by the root instead of just chopping the top. 

Resistance is natural
When our old beliefs and feeling of identity are challenged, resistance is the byproduct of this tension. For instance, take an affirmation like “I AM honest with others and myself. I say no when I mean no, and I say yes when I mean yes.”If this is not your usual reality, and maybe even far from it—then using this affirmation in your daily life will begin to grow in your subconscious mind, and in this process, you will surely also co-create opportunities where you are challenged to live this new belief, for deeper embodiment and integration. An encounter with a co-worker, family, partner, friend, or stranger will come into your experience where your honesty, integrity, and ability to set clear boundaries will be tested in some way. It is our physical action in our physical dimension that transforms mental and emotional energy into physical reality. It may be wise to embrace these opportunities instead of defining them as negative and thus avoiding them. 

Doing Inner Work can stir up the whole spectrum of emotions. It is a natural part of growing and developing personally and spiritually. Feel through the emotion. The “negative” emotions: Face them. No more running from them. Our shadows need our attention for them to transform into light. Trust that your body’s intelligence and wisdom are going through the process in a way that is right for you.

Do they need to be true in my life right now?
No, the affirmations you listen to or consciously repeat to yourself don´t need to be true right now. Affirmations can be used to reinforce what is already true for you, and they can be used for the manifestation of goals, and they can be used to install new beliefs that you want to be a natural part of your belief-system. 

How much time should I invest to benefit from the affirmations?
There is no right answer here. This will depend on each unique individual. If the affirmations you use are very “far” from your current reality — then you may want to invest more time in integrating and embodying them. In my reality, the benefit is immediate when I use affirmations because empowering words to help me raise my vibration. That doesn’t mean that all affirmations are integrated and 100% true for me, but the act of utilizing affirmations to empower oneself can have an immediate effect. 

According to several sources, a neurological pattern in our brain needs 28 – 30 days before it “locks in”. It’s like building a muscle. It needs to become strong enough to function optimally. I read somewhere years ago that when NASA trains people for missions in space – when they have to learn completely new tasks, programming this learning they have to train every day for a minimum of 30 days straight. Experience shows that neurological signals are reinforced to the point where they “stick” after 30 days. 

However, I don´t believe that when working with changing our beliefs that we can define the integration process within a specific frame of time. The more time, focus, and energy we give something, the more it expands. Sometimes you can experience “evidence” of the new changes taking place already the same day as you start to listen to affirmations, sometimes you have to have patience as days and weeks can go by before you start to notice the positive change, because one may have a lot of resisting beliefs working against the affirmations. And again, being willing to change, healing your wounds and triggers, and taking physical action that reflects the affirmations you are using —they are all keys for integration. Everything affects everything. Those who stick with it will reap the rewards of their vigilance, patience and perseverance.

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