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Disclaimer: When I share open source work, links, and books here on my website, it does not mean that I personally stand by or claim that every single piece of information the original author shares on his or her website is 100% aligned with the full Truth. Is that even possible? We need to use high levels of discernment, critical thinking, reason, “dot-connecting” skills, and intuition — when we are testing out techniques, and researching and unveiling information. No matter what source it comes from. I am sharing websites and resources that have helped me on my path of connecting the dots of ‘life on planet earth’, and helped me to show up, expand my awareness, and live and contribute to life to the best of my ability. This is not only “positive” and motivational information, but also knowledge about the darker sides of life, which in my opinion is important to know about for us to be able to navigate in this world and make the best choices possible in our life. It is all shared to empower. If some of these websites sound interesting, you have easy access by just clicking the bold text (name of website).

CATEGORY: Personal growth, success, goals, self-leadership, self-responsibility 


Unlimited Power 
The New Science Of Personal Achievement
By Tony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within
By Tony Robbins

The Compound Effect
By Darren Hardy

The Law Of Success
Th 16 Secrets For Achieving Wealth & Prosperity
By Napoleon Hill

The 80/20 Principle

By Richard Koch

The One Thing
By Gary Keller

Tapping For Ultimate Success
Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner

The Power Of Ambition
By Jim Rohn

CATEGORY: Self-healing, self-help, self-responsibility, mental health, emotional health, physical health, energetic health


You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise Hay

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT
Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future
By Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby

How You Can Heal Your Body
By David R. Hamilton PhD

Natural Cures ‘They Don’t Want You to Know About
By Kevin Trudeau

The Genie In Your Genes
By Dawson Church

Energy Medicine
By Donna Eden

The Biology Of Belief
Bruce Lipton PhD

Transforming The Eternal Soul
By Andy Tomlinson

Spiritual Bypassing
By Robert Augustus Masters

No More Mister Nice Guy
By Robert Glover

EFT (tapping) by founder Gary Craig

CATEGORY: Metaphysical, consciousness, awakening, influence of dark forces in our life and the world, reality creation, spiritual growth, fringe knowledge :
A vast library of information that push the boundaries of spiritual, metaphysical, and fringe knowledge, by Tom Montalk. 

Veil of Reality
The work of Bernhard Guenther: articles and podcast about awakening, conspiracy truth, inner work, the hyperdimensional reality, and empowerment.

World Peace Project
Curating Consciousness by advancing the technology of the soul. This is a fast track to accessing Intuitive Soul Advancement. Understanding spiritual concepts in-depth: light and dark. Good and evil. 

Energetic Synthesis
Information about multidimensional aspects of reality, the negative alien agenda, mind programming, sovereignty, self-responsibility, self-leadership, and more. The link takes you to the ‘negative alien agenda’ category. Brace yourself. 

CATEGORY: Natural Law, mind programming, mind control, “conspiracy” research, earthly control system, deeper analysis of worldly affairs, hidden knowledge: 

Seeds of Awareness
Spiritual growth, esotericism, embodiment, and conspiracy. Matthew Stephen, author of Free Range Humans

What On Earth Is Happening
The most excellent Natural Law/Spiritual Law resources and practical knowledge, by Mark Passio. Free presentations, seminars, podcast, and much more. 

Jason Christoff
Articles, videos, and newsletter focused on knowledge about subconscious mind programming tactics used by ‘the controllers’ to condition, manipulate, and control humanity. As well as valuable information about living a conscious and healthy life. He is active on Facebook.

A Warrior Calls 
Natural Law, Common Law, and disclosure of the control system and how we can unite and break free. Tip: begin viewing the ‘Foundational Knowledge’ section. 

Mark Devlin
Deep insight about how the dark forces that have been manipulating the music industry for decades to mind program and control the masses. Videos, blogs, podcasts, and books. 

Propaganda Critic
Information about propaganda (aimed to manipulate perception of reality, and thus manipulating behaviour) works and how to spot it in action.

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