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Trusting The Intelligence and Wisdom of Our Body – Activating Remembrance and Knowing

Dear Precious Soul  I came over an affirmation session (published a couple of years ago at PowerThoughts Meditation Club) as I was organizing my hard drive, and I just felt the need for creating a version with calm music. Access the video here. The inspiration came from a wave of ”frustration” over why so many of us don´t trust the vast wisdom and intelligence of our body, but instead, we trust external sources that give us limited, generalized, and often distorted information that is not in resonance with what our body needs. Frustration is not high vibe energy to create from, and being aware of this I ground it in awareness and heart, and then it transforms into compassion, drive, passion, and motivation to be of service. I serve these words with the intention that it activates the remembrance and ancient wisdom from lifetimes and timelines, in you and me, when our consciousness has been so deeply connected and in sync with our bodies, aligned with its wisdom and intelligence. Our body is a temple. Our Soul´s temple. The only place we have to live for the rest of our physical life.

The Fog of Forgetfulness

The majority of humankind has for centuries, bought into this false matrix program (mind-control imprints triggering traumas and negative beliefs) that has led us into a fog of forgetfulness and ignorance about the Truth of who we are, how our body functions, and what it is capable of. Our physical body is a physical expression of Source Essence. When we authentically Love and Appreciate our body — we connect with Source Light. Of course, physical health is a deeply intricate topic with so many factors involved. It is not just about how we take care of it physically, but also our belief system, our unhealed trauma, our karmic lessons — our daily thought patterns, emotion, and actions — our overall vibrational frequency, and Soul´s plan for this life — all have a saying in the matter.

How I see that the mainstream health narrative keeps us disempowered:

If you are sick you need medicine.
Ignore the root cause, take medicine instead.
If your family has a disease, there is a big chance you will get it too.
Your genes determine your health. (Genes turn themselves on and off depending on our vibration — see list of books at the bottom, from doctors in this field)
You can “try” to be healthy but a disease is lurking behind the corner if you don’t do as we say.
Inject this virus and all these toxic chemicals into your bloodstream, and you’ll be safe.
Don’t worry, ‘big pharma’ got your back.

It’s not this black or white. I am not saying that all medicine is bad (medicine has helped millions/and unfortunately also killed millions — there are two sides of a coin.) I am merely pointing out the collective negative programming and manipulation going on. There is no doubt in my being that we have been intentionally programmed to believe that we are helpless victims of circumstances because that serves the “elite”. This is the ‘false matrix’ trap. It is not in alignment with the Organic Living Light Matrix. When we believe in and trust the false narrative, we keep ourselves stuck in the illusion that our body and health are something that we personally have limited control over. Thus we give away our body, our sovereignty, and power — consenting to follow the advice that is not necessarily intended for our highest good, even if it is presented as such: “This is for your best. This is to keep you safe. This is for your health”. There can be many agendas at play behind the advice that comes from the mainstream media, governments, organizations, “experts, pharmaceutical companies, as well as some doctors and scientists. We all know this on some level, but many of us are deeply programmed to trust the “authority”. Even when the presenter of the advice is well-intended, the source of the advice itself can be distorted information that further distorts the minds and actions of the receiver. And other times, of course, both the advice and the person presenting it come from a place of service and compassion. My health is and always will be my responsibility. It is my job to discern the information presented, and make informed decisions and actions from a place of alignment, not fear. Not always easy, but always possible.

Ignorance Allows Collective Manipulation to Continue

At times advice is given with the full knowledge that it will harm the majority, and benefit a few. It is happening on a massive scale on our planet right now, and we are allowing it by acquiescing to the anti-life advice, anti-life solutions, and anti-human laws that are created to further control humanity. “They” are attacking our consciousness by triggering our unconscious fears. Luring us into traps. Catching us with their “we got your back” hooks. And of course the good ol´ guilt-trip manipulation trick (successfully installed in our collective consciousness through organized religion): “if you don’t do as we say, you are not a good person, you are putting others in danger.” 

There is both dark and light in our reality, and our job is to know the difference. The darkness doesn´t want to be seen, so it will pretend to be Light. One of the deception templates “they” have installed in the collective consciousness, especially in the spiritual communities/new age movement: there is no darkness. “Just don´t focus on it, everything is all is love and light. Just send love” This is one of the reasons why even some “spiritually evolved” people are caught in the hooks of deception without knowing it. Ignoring our own shadows and the shadows of the collective is a Free Will choice, of course. No right or wrong. Believe me, I am ALL for focusing on Pure LOVE and working with the Undistorted LIGHT — focusing our energy on positivity, and all that. And being conscious and aware of the negative forces and their strategies empowers me to work much more effectively on this mission. If we refuse to acknowledge the negative forces that have infiltrated almost every aspect of our worldly structures, we are keeping them alive. They only operate in the dark, but still in plain sight if one chooses to open one’s eyes and heart. As long as we refuse to look, learn about, and speak up about what is going on — we are giving them consent to continue their anti-life agendas. Hiding our heads in the sand doesn’t negate the surface. Light and dark co-exist. Blinders off! The time is now!

If you want to know more about the “dark agenda” from my perspective — I have written about it here:

Sharpen Your Truth Antennas

If we allowed ourselves to listen to external advice from a place of inner stillness, detachment, and discernment we would be able to check if the information presented is in alignment or out of alignment. And from that place, we can make choices involving our daily health care rituals, or other important decisions that will affect our future health. But unfortunately, most of us just go along with what “health experts” tell us, never asking questions. If fear is present when making a choice, that choice is probably out of alignment. Coming from a place of fear distorts our “truth-antennas”. For our truth antennas to work optimally — healing our traumas and our emotional wounds is a must. If not, we are easily triggered by our emotional baggage, and thus react unconsciously instead of responding consciously to important health matters. Fear, guilt, shame, anger, sadness, etc. will override and distort our True Inner Guidance. Shadow work is essential for everyone who wants to get CLEAR.

Responsibility Empowers! Why Not Choose Empowerment?

In the past, I have noticed that when I share information about how physical health and energy are intertwined, how outside sources try to manipulate us with untruthful health information, and how as conscious adults we have responsibility for our health — some tend to react to it in a disempowering way; self-blame, anger, sadness, fear, etc. When I say “your health is ultimately your responsibility — I am not saying that it is your “fault” if you have a physical issue. I am saying that as adults, we are responsible for the choices we choose to make or choose not to make. We are responsible for how we choose to handle our health challenges. Claiming responsibility gives us options to make more conscious and empowering choices. It has nothing to do with who’s “fault” it is or isn´t. And I am not stuck in blaming “they” who are behind these negative agendas that disempower and blindfold the human race. They are to blame for the wrongs that they do. And I do judge them for doing it, because wrongdoing is wrongdoing. Morally and karmically. But I am not stuck in the “blame game”. I prefer to focus on what I can do about it, on a personal and earthly level. I refuse to go into that false-matrix trap of victimizing myself and living in fear, and I hope you do too. For me, it feels very important and empowering to know about “them” and the intent of their agendas. Then I can make more intelligent and conscious decisions to protect my wife and children, be prepared for certain scenarios, and show up more powerfully and authentically in the world.

Children Are Old Beings

Some children are being born with a disease, or young children suffering from a potentially life-threatening disease; why does this happen?  This is a very delicate subject. I speak of it with the utmost respect, humility, and Love for all the souls that have experienced this. Most of us don’t come into this life with a “clean slate”, we are old beings. We have lived several lifetimes. We carry with us energy, patterns, and traumas from other lifetimes into our current incarnation. We also copy our ancestral trauma. Collective trauma also plays a role. Maybe, sometimes on the Soul Level, we choose certain diseases as a potential part of our path? Not set in stone, but potentially a path to travel if certain karmic lessons cannot be learned in other ways. Or maybe disease is not part of any “plan”, but simply a result of genetics, environment, trauma (ancestral, past lives, and current life), etc. Or a combination? Who knows the truth behind it all? I don’t. There are so many factors involved in co-creation.

Personally, I have cultivated a sense of acceptance that I don ́t need to understand everything. I don´t need to understand every detail of reality. Though I have to admit that I would like to, and I am constantly thirsting for right knowledge. Acceptance doesn’t mean that I don´t care about the suffering in our world — I care too much! It boils over! I have to transmute it into some form of creation here in the physical dimension, involving my purpose. If not, I would explode! That is why I am writing all of this. I HAVE TO contribute. That is why I am here. I don’t have time to dwell on all the “negativity” in the world — then I would drain myself,  and that is not an option when I can choose to co-create with you from a Higher Perspective. I stand my ground. But, I intend to be aware of the dark, not only the light.

Sometimes my sharings trigger cognitive dissonance (automatically going into defense mode/rejection mode, when the presented information is in strong polarity to the current belief system). I understand. I don’t share with a need to convince anyone (I have to work on myself to balance that out though). I sow seeds. I give clues. I spread Light Codes. I don´t give medical advice. I am not saying that you should listen to me. And I can certainly not claim to know the full objective Truth. I am however inviting you to be open and willing to look deeper within yourself and the world we live in. To take self-responsibility and do your inner work (trauma healing, shadow work, and deprogramming). To ask critical questions about the reality you live in, apply discernment and reason, sharpen your intuition, and spend some time connecting the dots. I see all of this as our duty. But, that’s me.

Pleiadian Channeling on Physical Health

Allow me to share something with you here from a transmission done by Wendy Kennedy in the book: GREAT HUMAN POTENTIAL: Walking in One’s Own Light, this is what it has to say about health and vibration:

“Your body is nothing more than a vibrational signature that is being pulsed out and reflected back in physical reality. Your body is created from an energetic template in your auric field. As you learn to consciously adjust your vibration, or to recalibrate, you can alter your physical state as well. Any adjustments made to the template will be reflected in the physical body. All health issues are always, 100% of the time, created at the energetic level. Even if you have ingested something toxic or find yourself in a toxic environment, this happens because you are in resonance at the vibrational level with this frequency. If you weren’t, one of two things would happen. You wouldn’t encounter the toxin, or it wouldn’t affect your body.”

I don’t swallow this raw as the whole picture. I have become skeptical about just believing in channeling because they supposedly come from “higher beings”. But there are some points here that correlate with my research into this topic. In this channeling though, it sounds almost as if ‘we don’t need to care about how we take care of ourselves physically, because we are energetic beings’, but this is not the case. What we eat, how we eat, how much sun we get on our bodies and in our eyes, how much water we drink, the environment we live in, our genetics, how active we are, and more — all influence our overall energy, and is part of creating our energetic template alongside the traumas we hold on to, our belief system (programming), thoughts, emotions, choices, actions, and our innate soul energy. So, if we happen to be in vibrational alignment with a toxin, virus, or disease — that doesn´t mean that we consciously “want” it, or “chose” it. It simply means that our overall vibrational frequency, the energetic charge of our cells, is in resonance with the frequency of toxin, virus, or disease. Then it is more difficult for our body to defend itself against these threats because the resonance opens up the door for them. When our energy is strong, our body can defend itself more effectively. This is empowering information for us humans — if we choose to perceive it as such. We have a lot of work to do for us to get to this level as a collective, where we understand how powerfully we can affect our own health and wellbeing.

When we are physically healthy and strong, we are in resonance with life, with our spirit. And that makes us dangerous. Especially for the pharmaceutical industry. A healthy humanity is not good business. And a strong humanity united is dangerous for the whole control system. That is why there are tons of covert agendas created to make us weak in mind and body. As Jason Christoff calls it “death by a thousand cuts”. The mind and body are intricately connected to the soul. Weaken one of them, and the soul gets compromised, the connection between body and soul weakens, and can even become non-existent.

I AM Source Essence. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free

You are a vibrational being.
You can choose to Listen Within.
Remember your wisdom.
Lovingly command it into presence.
Your Soul is speaking.
Your higher heart is calling.
You are a Spark of Source Essence.
All else is noise.
Get clear.
Cancel, delete, and nullify the artificial false matrix codes from your body, mind, and spirit.
Reconnect with your Sovereign Power,
and the Organic God Source Living Light Codes.
Aligning with your blueprint for perfect health.
Declare it out loud:

“I AM Source Essence. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free”.

So…I was “just” going to publish this I AM Affirmation session…And off I went…
Do we dare to reclaim our full sovereign power and ownership over body, mind, and spirit — our health? We don´t need to, but we can if we want to.

You are much more than you think you are.
I see the Light in you.

With LoveLight Fire,



Books on mind, body, and soul connection written by doctors that seem to serve from the heart:

The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.

The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church, Ph.D.

Molecules of Emotion The Science Behind Mind Body Medicine

by Candace Pert, Ph.D.


Louise Hay´s book You Can Heal Your Life also came into my awareness just now. She wasn´t a doctor, but a metaphysical teacher. Her list of physical ailments and how they connect to thought patterns and specific beliefs is very intriguing. And I have been using it for 10 years working on myself and others. And from my personal experience; it is surprisingly accurate. It is one of the books that opened my mind and heart to a new level. 

Good luck with researching, my fellow Light Warrior. 

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