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The Collective Shadows and The Great Awakening

Article originally written in May 2020. I have a lot on my mind and heart that wants to come out. And the time is now. I AM all about being of service to the world and raising the vibration and consciousness of our collective. I came into my precious vessel coded with this purpose. To live this purpose and show up in the world has demanded me to learn how to fearlessly and compassionately look into the eyes of my own shadows, my dark side (traumas, limiting beliefs, destructive behavior, etc). Consciously diving deep to heal and integrate the shadows — transmuting the dark into Light. I’ve done this for the last 10 years, and I still do deep work on myself when needed, because I AM here to evolve and expand in Love and Consciousness — to awaken and live my potential in this current embodiment. 

 The whole situation humanity is in now has purposely led me to see and know a dark side of our world that I haven’t been willing to look at before now — or have not been ready to face until now. Through the years I have had information about the “various dark agendas” of the so-called “elite/the cabal/the control system ” come to me from different sources, all serving the same information in a slightly different wrapping paper. However, I deliberately ignored it and defined it as too negative, too dark, or something I didn’t want to give my energy to. I decided to turn my back against it. I ignored this information. Until recently. From a place of detachment and discernment, one thing after the other has come to my awareness, connecting the dots — I cannot and will not ignore this information. I would be living a lie if I did. It would be my ego telling my soul to “sit down and shut up.” And that is not an option for me! 

I am sharing these words with respect and fierce Love. My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered and is suffering due to this manmade virus and the consequences it has. Even though this virus situation feels very physical at the moment – it is just on the surface of what is really going on. The surface of the ocean does not reveal what is happening deep below the surface. There are so many layers of purposes coming from both the dark and the Light. From a higher perspective, this “plandemic” is creating avalanches of awakening in humanity. We have co-created this situation as a collective for several reasons. The so-called Great Awakening is one of them. We are in a time of great opportunity to heal and move beyond karmic entanglements that have been upon us for centuries. It is time to wake up to who we really are. That is why you and I are here. Awakening is a process of untangling from the illusions and limitations we have bought into, and ever-expanding into our authenticity, our Light. Shining our Soul Essence stronger, bolder, and brighter. We are Sovereign Beings of Light, and we have to take ownership of that truth, to transcend the dark path that “they” try to keep us on. For us to take ownership of every aspect of our lives is more essential than ever. It is crucial for our future.

The words I share are intended to co-create empowerment and expansion of consciousness — without any expectation of how that should look like (even though I have my preferences). We don´t need to agree with each other or have the same beliefs and experiences of reality — we can disagree and still choose to respect and accept each other. Or not. Free will. If these words trigger fear, it is old fear from this lifetime and other lifetimes being poked at — you have the power to heal it and integrate it if you want to — you may not want that, especially if what I share is challenging your beliefs about what is happening in the world. Fear is an emotion that brings the potential for extraordinary healing, insight, and expansion — when we choose to take responsibility and go within — we activate that potential. If not, fear will continue to influence us, even when we don’t think it is.

From the physical third-dimensional perspective, there is a split in humanity right now, and it is becoming very evident. To give a general and simplified definition: one group believes that this virus is about our health and survival. And we need to follow orders from the government to stay “safe”. The other group believes that there is a “virus” (or “something” going on that affects our body and triggers it to defend itself from the external threat, thus creating the symptoms we like flu — books like “The Contagion Myth” goes into depth about this theory), but FAR from as life-threatening as it is portrayed to be, and it is a part of the cabal’s agenda to keep us in fear (survival). Which makes us more agreeable to their “solutions” that are directly stripping away of our freedom and liberty as part of an ongoing process to gain total control over humanity to keep serving the few: the cabal (the establishment that controls all the world governments and world organizations). Using us like cattle to serve their agendas. This is a spiritual war between Light and dark. A war on consciousness. And it is played out on a multidimensional level. This has gone on for ages, also on other planets and star systems. This pattern can end here with us.

The reality we choose to believe in is the reality we will experience as “true”. But what is the objective truth of this situation? Not our subjective opinions and conviction of what is true, but the actual Truth? Of course, both “sides” of the split are judging and attacking each other. I wish it wasn´t so. I would love to see all sides meet in understanding, open-mindedness, open hearts, tolerance, care, curiosity, respect, flexibility, kindness, and Love. But, for the majority, it is not so. This creates a very intense tension in our collective energy. This tension build-up presents us with a golden opportunity to really look deep within ourselves, facing personal and collective karmic lessons around ignorance, true care, tolerance, self-expression, setting boundaries, courage, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom, and truth.

I know that both sides of the split want the same thing: to live as Sovereign beings in a world of Peace, Freedom, Justice, Love, and Happiness. We are just coming at it from different realities.

“Conspiracy theory!” A popular phrase to blurt out these days. From my subjective perspective, defining anything that opposes the mainstream narrative as a conspiracy theory; is the easy way out. It is reacting out of fear, without knowing that it is a fear-reaction. And it is a sign that mainstream programming (the cabal´s greatest programming tool) has done an excellent job of conditioning people to obey and believe the mainstream narrative only. Mental conflict occurs when beliefs are contradicted by new information, also called cognitive dissonance. This conflict activates areas of the brain involved in personal identity and emotional response to threats. The brain’s alarms go off when we feel threatened on a deeply personal and emotional level, causing us to shut down and disregard any rational evidence that contradicts what we previously regarded as truth.

When we put our trust and invest our sense of safety and security in the mainstream narrative — we seem to automatically refuse to believe in anything else than the mainstream media, schools, science, governments, and our world organizations tell us and have told us tall our lives — because it feels threatening to our survival. We are afraid to lose our “truth” (illusion) because our supposed “truth” gives us a sense of safety and security. That is why many become angry and ridicule conspiracy theories and people believing in them. Anger is an emotion that unconsciously covers up the fear, and we feel much more in control when we are angry compared to being fearful. It is an automatic defense mechanism to feel “powerful” and “in control”. 

“If the conspiracy theories are true, then my whole life is a lie! Then I cannot trust anyone!” Yes, this is a scary thought. Look at the world. I am not saying that every person in these systems and structures is willingly and knowingly working for the cabal. Of course not! I don´t think that all politicians working for the government want to ruin and hurt humanity. The cabal only needs to have a few people on top that are situated in high positions in governments and organizations, for them to implement their agendas. Like a franchise. We are working for a system that is created and controlled by the cabal, and most are completely unaware of this. I do believe that in the birth of governments there was an intent to build a society that was beneficial for all life, but these systems and structures got hijacked by groups playing the “service to self” polarity (human and non-human entities) because they believed they were entitled to exploit Mother Earth and humanity to their advantage. 

Here are some in-depth sources of information on the ‘service to self groups’, their origins, their strategies, and tactics:
It goes DEEP. Before reading; ground yourself; Breathe deeply; Take your time to process if needed. If fear comes up, it is okay, use your best healing tools to heal, integrate, and let go. Do this as much as needed. Fear may come in layers. It´s like peeling an onion.

Added June 2021: also check out my links and resources page for additional insights.

The ‘service to self fraction’ have infiltrated and hijacked the financial system, pharmaceutical industry, mainstream media, science, our educational system, politics, religions, world organizations, corporations, and other systems and structures that are involved in our everyday lives — their aim is total power and control over humanity and earth. They co-create wars, famine, disease, etc. to keep as many of us as possible stuck in lower vibrations; fear, shame, guilt, grief, helplessness, powerlessness, anger, hatred, envy, and so on). These lower vibrational emotions, which can all be condensed to fear — are what keep the ‘controllers’ and their structures alive. There is a BUT here, you and I are co-creating this with them. If we didn´t participate whatsoever in their systems and structures, then we wouldn´t be co-creating with them on this level. Until we have rebuilt a world that serves ALL LIFE and live in harmony with Natural Law — we still have to balance karmic lessons, heal personal and collective traumas, and untangle ourselves from fear — to expand in Love and Consciousness. 

Awakened individuals (service to others polarity) are a threat to the cabal (service to self’ polarity). The cabal is very resourceful in many ways. They know about the great awakening that has been going on on our planet, because of their spiritual insight, occult knowledge, technology, and cooperation with dark extraterrestrial beings (that prey on control and chaos because that creates loosh aka energetic food for these entities), and they have figured out that the more people become conscious, aware, and awake; the harder it is to control us. They are desperate now and are using the collective fear many are in, triggered by different aspects and consequences of the virus, to implement their plans. This is an attempt to control us, and they are failing at it, but they are desperately making the attempt. Their plans are backfiring, and they are exposing themselves in their desperation. Their dark agendas cannot survive the Light of an Awakened Collective (they know this, and that is why they are desperate now). The cabal is a tiny few — we the people, UNIFIED, and Aligned with our Sovereignty are way more powerful than them! Period! That is why it is so important that we do everything we can to stand grounded, balanced, and aligned as sovereign beings in the choices we make, and the actions we take. 

Not everyone will BREAK FREE from the dark spell, and maybe that is how it is supposed to be? Some will continue to deny that there even is a spell, and trust our world “leaders” (they are not even the ones “leading”). Others will continue to condemn it as conspiracy theories, and some won’t even know that they are under a spell, because they feel awake and aware and “everything is love and light” so we don’t need to care (this is a trap — everything is not love and light). I do believe that there will be information exposed officially in the coming months that will truly shock people. If they see it. And I hope it does shock the hell out of us (pun intended) because I think humanity as a whole needs to be shocked out of sleep at this time. I invoke ‘Divine Love, Power, and Wisdom’ to expose to the masses what the cabal and their minions are doing to the hundreds of thousands of children that are disappearing every year (most of them kidnapped by the cabal-organized pedophile rings, to use them in their satanic blood sacrifice rituals). It is fucking horrific! Their actions are the definition of evil. I don´t even want to talk about it, but it is not about me. It is about us! IT NEEDS TO SEE THE LIGHT! We need to know this! And this information is beginning to catch fire, thanks to the virus serving as a major catalyst for people to research what is going on beneath the surface. Documentaries like Fall Cabal (part 1 – 10) and Out of Shadows (click on links if you intend to see the documentaries.

Comment added, June 2022: “this information has nothing to do with the Qanon movement. These crimes against humanity and creation have been going on long before the Q movement started to catch fire. They are not the source of this information, though “they” have been exposing a lot around pedophilia, trafficking, and human sacrifice. Mainstream media, of course, tries to discredit what is going on by linking it to the Q movement and conspiracy theorists. So that we think it is ALL disinformation (maybe some of it is?). This is how it is done when the cabal wants to suppress information. Ridicule the information, discredit the sources, and even “suicide” people involved. The Fall of Cabal documentary, a heads up: I had to put my political opinions and opinions aside and have an open mind when watching it I recommend you do your best to do this too.

I am not claiming that every single word in the video links shared shows the full truth — how can I? However, these documentaries have been huge contributors to this information coming out to the public (they also reveal how the cabal programs us through media and Hollywood movies.) I needed two days to process, rebalance and recalibrate after watching these documentaries, but I am glad I watched them. It activated more of the Warrior of Light within me. I feel that the exposure of what “they” do with children and who´s involved (big names) — will lead to more people understanding in their logic and heart — the lies, the deceit, and the illusions that have been fed to us. According to different sources, Trump has around 150000 indictments to take down members of these pedophile/trafficking groups. Is this true? Who knows for sure, because we aren’t seeing it happening — the news isn’t broadcasting it (of course not). Here is a short video of Chief Counsel Robert David Steele talking about this. If you choose to watch these documentaries, I warmly advise you to feel whatever it is that you feel when you watch them. Honor your emotions. They need to be processed. Vent. Scream. Cry. Hit your pillow. Do whatever you need to do to process and heal. If possible watch them with someone that you trust can hold the space for you and themselves if intense emotions arise. 

The cabal-controlled and owned mainstream media and social media do everything they can to discredit and censor information that is opposing the narrative. Why? Oh yes, to keep us “safe”. “Safe” is a code word for “control”. The brave, honest, and truth-seeking journalists and reporters that want to expose reality are being silenced in different ways. Researchers, inventors, scientists, and doctors that serve facts and solutions that don´t comply with the mainstream narrative (the cabal´s agendas) are censored, ridiculed, discredited, and sometimes silenced with death (committing “suicide” of course). For our “safety” of course. They just want to keep us “safe”. We all know about this, but we ignore it because it is easier to just follow the crowd.

For how long will we stand by and not say anything? I know that there are Light Warriors all over the world in high and important positions that want to and will get the truth out there! It is already happening. And I invoke Benevolent Beings of the Purest Divine Light to assist in exposing the truth NOW.  

We are energetically replaying linear history. My subjective observation served in non-judgment: the act of screaming “conspiracy theories” and attacking others that are not following the masses, holds the same energy (vibrational frequency) as the act of people in “the old days” that snitched out natural healers, clairvoyant, and spiritually awakened individuals (then labeled witches) to the authorities (controlled by service to self beings: the cabal), because the authorities had manipulated the masses to believe that healers, clairvoyants, and spiritually awakened individuals were evil witches. And the “good and obedient” citizens then gathered in masses to witness and participate in the burning, drowning, hanging, and beheading of the “witches” — all in the name of keeping us citizens “safe”. Although many felt and knew that something was not right about killing people like this — they chose to remain silent, for fear of prosecution, harm, and death to themselves and their loved ones. 

I know this is a rather horrific comparison, still, that is how I observe it and intuit it. The energies of these obscure reactions and actions from the past are vibrating at the same frequency as the energies we are in now as a collective. People are attacking each other (on both sides of the split). The patterns are the same, playing out in a different timeline and era. This is a MAJOR karmic pattern. Many reading this will resonate. 

It is time to WAKE UP from the mass collective dark spell that we’ve been numbed and dumbed down by for thousands of years on Mother Earth. It is time to get our heads out of the fucking sand and open our eyes, ears, awareness, and hearts. And start Showing Up and Speaking Up from the Heart. To stand grounded and aligned in one’s sovereignty and sever the cords of this huge karmic entanglement with the Sword of Divine justice, once and for all!. We have co-created a chance to balance this aspect of humanity NOW! If not for ourselves, then for our children and generations to come! Our future as a sovereign human species and spiritual beings depends on you and I doing so. Your voice and your presence are needed, dear Soul. Your Heart is needed. 

There are many individuals that are spiritual and very aware of the dark agendas, but they choose to focus only on Love and Light, because they are afraid to create more of the “dark” (law of attraction). We do not re-create more of the dark when we face it without fear, with detachment, grounded in one´s Light and Sovereignty and focused on an empowering and resourceful outcome. And even if we feel some fear about things in life, that doesn´t mean that it will manifest it instantly. A continuous focus will reinforce what is focused on. It feels imperative to integrate that ‘Higher Perspective’ into our choices and actions here on Earth by facing what is happening in 3D. If we bypass the fear, anger, frustration, sadness and other emotions (our own and collective shadows) we will miss out on many lessons and deep healing, and we will just unconsciously continue to carry these energies in our energetic field. There is a huge difference between dwelling and marinating in low vibrational emotions versus facing them with courage, knowledge, and awareness — transmuting them, healing them, and Expanding to higher levels of consciousness.

I do not have the “right” answer or all the answers. Maybe everything that I have shared is just my imagination going wild? (edit June 2022: it is definitely not my imagination going wild!). I AM sharing one of the 7.7 billion human perspectives. Maybe some of us do have a Soul purpose to keep that pure spiritual focus on the Light and Love? Maybe if they have already done deep shadow work and are advanced Souls (many mistakingly think they are), then this makes sense? But not if we neglect our own shadows because focusing on the positive feels lighter and better. This makes too many live in passivity and “acceptance”. Maybe some Souls are more “hands-on” Spiritual Light Warriors, and they will feel the need to take action in both the physical and the spiritual planes. “Getting their hands dirty”. No matter how we choose to be of service at this from a spiritual and physical perspective — in the core of our being, beneath all the trauma and programming, maybe we have the same intended outcome: to live in alignment with Freedom, Truth, and Love.

Someone said to me recently, “Kenneth, you have many followers, and with that comes big responsibility, it is dangerous to share these conspiracy theories.” My response: “That is your personal belief (due to social programming: it is dangerous to question authority), it is not the objective Truth. In my reality, it is dangerous not to share this type of information and ask critical questions. It would be completely irresponsible of me to hold back. I am not claiming that everything I share is the complete truth of the matter, but my intention is to share as close to truth as possible. I share it simply because it is my duty and purpose as a fellow human being and your Soul brother. And I follow my heart and higher self-guidance over any opinion, belief, or expectation from others! And if you have followed my meditations and affirmations, you know this. I don’t have a need for others to agree, follow, like me, or believe what I say. I just know that sharing this will serve a higher purpose. 

Fast forward 20 years from now — my children ask me: “Dad, what did you do back 20 years ago at this exceptional transition time on earth when people were fighting for our peace, freedom, and sovereignty?” Do I want to say, “you know what, I have to admit, I didn’t say or do anything? I didn’t think it was that serious and hoped everything would work out by itself. I knew about the dark agendas, but I didn’t want to be seen as a conspiracy theorist or upset anyone. And I didn´t want to lose followers on my social media channels. So I kept my mouth shut and ignored the calling of my heart and soul. I wish I would have done something. 

Or do I want to say: “I did EVERYTHING IN MY POWER with every fiber of my Being, to be a Force of Good! I did it for Freedom, for Justice, for Peace, for Love, for Source/God/The Divine! I did it for you, my precious children. I did it for humanity. I did it for our benevolent galactic brothers and sisters. I did it because it was the only right thing for me to do. It wasn’t easy, but I surrendered to the Divine in me and followed my mind, body, heart, and spirit. I have always told you I was a Light Warrior, didn’t`?”

If you resonate with what I have shared here or not, we can agree on one thing: we all want to live in a world of Peace, Love, Freedom, Abundance, and Happiness. And it won’t happen by itself. We have to be willing to know Truth. To fight for freedom. To stand in the eye of the storm. Grounded in the Undistorted Light of Source. And from that place — Unify and take courageous action that is in alignment with Life, with Truth, with the highest and purest form of Love. This requires effort and willingness to do your inner work (shadow work, trauma healing, and deprogramming). If we are in fear, we are in survival mode, there is no taking aligned action when in fear. Choose to stand in the eye of the storm, whatever your beliefs and opinions are. No outside source will do that for you. We have the ability and the opportunity to create a “Golden Age” on Earth. We have to be willing to let the old systems crumble and fall for us to rebuild the new. What kind of world do we want to live in? Our thoughts, emotions, words, intentions, choices, and actions matter!

You are valuable. You are important to our planet and our future. You are much more than you think you are.

I see the Light in you. 

Infinite Peace, Love, and Kindness to you and to all sentient beings,



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