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I Stand For Freedom And It Might Trigger You

I have over the last two years experienced something interesting that I wanted to share here with you. Through the years I have been sharing my guided meditations and affirmations online. In addition, I have written a lot of articles and have had many hours of live events on the topic of spirituality, trauma, inner work, how to manifest goals, self-sabotage, procrastination, and other content involving personal and spiritual growth in general. I have also been open about my personal views about the medical cartel (big pharma) and how they are deliberately weakening and killing our health (yes, medicine can be helpful in emergency situations, but they are not for our health). As well as speaking out about my distaste for the mainstream news and their manipulative fear-mongering tactics used to influence people’s perception of reality in a certain direction and keep the majority in a perpetual state of fear. For me, this has never been about conspiracy theories, but about logic and reason ( I am good at connecting dots and detecting lies). I began to see this back in 2008 when I wasn´t even “conscious”, but I started to become interested in natural health and I connected these dots early on. This made even more sense to me in 2010 – 2012 when I did my hypnotherapy, NLP, and EFT training, and started to work directly with my own and other people´s mental, emotional, and physical problems. Understanding how the subconscious mind works.

However, when 2020 hit, and the whole corona thing started, then suddenly, talking about how the medical cartel and the mainstream media are lying to the public in so many ways to control and steer humanity towards specific outcomes — this is triggering for a lot of people. Now it has become “dangerous conspiracy” theories just to mention the word natural immunity, or the media are lying about many issues, or big pharma does not want humans to be healthy but rather returning customers, or that the media is owned by the same people that own the medical cartels, and influences government decisions, etc.

This article that I wrote in March-May 2020 is very revealing about my process and response when the “pandemic” hit as well as a bit more in-depth theories about the physical and spiritual aspects of what is happening in our world.

Accepting That Not All Will or Want To Understand

The amount of deprogramming (changing my initial programming: learned beliefs, imposed beliefs, copied beliefs) that I have gone through from 2020 till this present moment (June 2022) is monumental. And it is still ongoing. I came to the conclusion that I had to stop ignoring and avoiding the darker aspects of creation and life on earth. I did avoid it for quite some time because I considered it “too negative” and not important. There were too many dots connecting for me through experience, knowledge, and intuition, for me to continue ignoring the dark. It felt inauthentic. 

My discernment skills, reasoning, critical thinking skills, and intuition have been constantly challenged and sharpened due to this new level of awakening. And it is serving me well when I need to make important and informed decisions for me and my family. Another skill that has come in handy that I have been practicing for years is being emotionally calm, cool, and grounded; not reacting automatically, but being aware of my response; not automatically going into fear, anger, and sadness in the process of disclosing deeper aspects of the anti-life agendas that we are experiencing here on earth, that most are completely oblivious to. Even though I have the ability to stay calm and grounded — I do feel anger boiling at times when I think about and see the deceptive wrongdoing done against humanity. I do believe in the force of positive anger: transforming destructive anger into creational fuel for empowering change. I have a whole lesson dedicated to the topic ‘Anger Can Be Fuel For Good’ in my new course: Set Conscious Boundaries – Stand Up For Yourself & Let Go Of People Pleasing For Good

The core of my mission is still the same as it has been, but while I evolve and become more aware, my mission expands. I started sharing bits and pieces of reality theories (popularly called conspiracy theories) on my Instagram stories — and of course, the response here varies. Some feel the need to message me and tell me how disappointed they are, how betrayed they feel, etc. Like I owe them something or have some kind of obligation to have the same viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs as them. Which sometimes makes me wonder if they really did listen to my affirmations and guided meditation sessions… Can we disagree and still threat each other with respect? Most say yes to this. But if the trigger is strong enough, our emotions take over and reason flies out the window. 

“How can you share these dangerous conspiracy theories, fear-mongering lies, bla, bla, bla?
“Who are you, are you a conspiracy theorist?”
“I wish I was ignorant to this side of you.”
“Why do you care about these things, even if they are going on, why don’t you just focus on love and light?

I see these messages as a sign for me to step even more powerfully into my purpose and stand grounded like a mountain. Manipulative, victimizing, and “shaming” language won’t stop me from doing what I do. I am not here to please everyone. And I don’t own “you” anything. 95% of the content I share is free. I am not forcing anyone to “follow” me, believe in what I share, or listen to my audios. I do put my mission and integrity before external opinions and reactions.

I understand completely that after listening to my sleep meditations for two years on YouTube one has created a “picture” in one’s mind about who I am, and with expectations about what kind of opinions I should have and shouldn´t have. So when they do come over some of my newer articles, posts and stories on social media where I share my opinions and perspectives on how I believe humanity are being led astray by the ruling hands of a few for power and control (this is just the surface)  — some react with anger, confusion, or shock. Even if I do share from a place of genuine care, it seems like it doesn’t matter for many. They completely shut down; cognitive dissonance. Even if one has received so much help and support from listening to my courses, meditations, affirmations, and live events — one will most likely begin to feel a form of resistance towards me. All the help, the connection, and growth that one has experienced by listening to my audios are suddenly rendered completely irrelevant. This is how many react. Instead of consciously responding, becoming curious, asking questions, keeping an open mind, researching this information themselves, and coming to their own conclusions.

“Hmm, I wonder what Kenneth has researched and experienced that has led him to see things the way he does? I know he is not stupid, I know he has good intentions and wants to help people, and he seems to be a knowledgeable man. He wouldn’t share this if it was not intended to support and empower others? Maybe there is something here that I could and should look deeper into myself? I want to learn more about this.”

Why isn’t this an automatic response when we are confronted with information that challenges our own convictions? Instead of going into full-on “unconscious reaction mode”, attacking with manipulative and victimizing language and behavior.

Information In Opposition To Current Beliefs Can Feel Life-Threatening

For all of us, when the information we are presented with is in opposition to what we believe to be “true”, it triggers a psychological mechanism called ‘cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is an inner conflict that activates areas of the brain (and the subconscious mind) involved in personal identity and emotional response to threats. The brain’s alarms go off when we feel “threatened” on a deeply personal and emotional level, causing us to shut down and disregard the information presented that contradicts what we previously regarded as “truth”. This can happen even if the information is rational, fact-based, and evident. We do what we can to stay “safe and protected” against the threat. We protect our programming (beliefs and convictions), because it is what we know, and information outside of its boundaries threatens our sense of “security”. We do what we can to stay “safe and protected” against the threat. This is an unconscious reaction, an instinctive survival mechanism.

When we put our trust and invest our sense of safety and security in the mainstream narrative — we seem to automatically refuse to believe in anything else than the mainstream media, schools, science, governments, and our world organizations tell us and have told us all our lives — because it feels threatening to our survival. Having our beliefs and convictions confirmed feels safe and comfortable. Having our beliefs and convictions challenged feels threatening and very uncomfortable. That is why many become angry and ridicule “conspiracy theories” and people believing in them. Anger is an emotion that unconsciously covers up the fear, and we feel much more in control when we are angry compared to being fearful. It is an automatic defense mechanism to feel “powerful” and “in control”. – From the article: The Collective Shadows and The Great Awakening

Challenging To Comprehend

According to my own understanding and personal experiences, the deception we are living in is beyond comprehension, it is on such a large scale (physical and non-physical) that it is difficult to believe that this is actually possible, and I completely understand why most would shrug this off as conspiracy (another mind program/trigger word created by the CIA to undermine and ridiculing those claiming the JFK was murdered – calling it “dangerous”, and planting this trigger word in the minds of millions aka mind programming. And it is still done to this day).

This makes the majority turn a blind eye, even to clear facts, refusing to even consider the possibility that the world we live in is not as it seems on the surface. Instead many defend the lies — thinking we are indeed doing the right thing, and that is our intention, but in reality, we are feeding the anti-life agendas of the hostile forces and thus propagating anti-life agendas on earth. We are being tricked into giving our free will consent to things we would never consent to if we could see the whole picture and potential consequences of the things we are in consent with. It can be uncomfortable to hear this, but it is what it is. It is part of the dark agenda: to keep us hypnotized in a state of unawareness yet thinking we are aware and informed, and of course “safe”. Which is the perfect sedative state for us to be in so that evil continues to evolve and dominate without resistance.

I Decide How I Want To Show Up

I do respect that you have your journey, and I have mine. I cannot adjust my Soul purpose to satisfy everyone. I cannot and will not hold back my voice and the knowledge I have, just in case someone gets offended by me sharing it (though I have to be wise about ‘how’ I share it and when I share it). And it seems like a lot people get offended by most things nowadays. Which makes it even more important to speak up, because this “offended by everything” culture is also a result of mind programming done by the system we live in to keep people separated and disconnected from their authentic true selves and Source. I will continue to follow my inner guidance, and I don´t compromise my integrity to be “liked”.

The content I share, my way of showing up and being of service is still the same, the message is still the same: to outgrow and expand beyond the limitations of our programmed beliefs, heal our emotional wounds (trauma), and live in freedom, peace, and harmony with Life. I do this by sharing knowledge and practical resources about how our mind, body, and soul are interconnected. How to become the best version of ourselves. Strategies for achieving our goals. Understanding and neutralizing self-sabotaging behavior. How to take care of one’s physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. How to be the authority and leader in one’s life — taking self-ownership and self-responsibility. Set boundaries and stop people-pleasing.  Understanding how the dark operates by pretending to be the “light”. Understanding the metaphysical aspects of our existence and creation. How to live from a place of integrity and purpose — connected to Source. All of these topics are connected. They all affect each other. And to be able to live a full life, how can we do that if we avoid looking into the “negative”, the uncomfortable, the evil that is indeed present on our planet, physically and energetically? It is all connected.

Head In The Sand and Potentially Dangerous Blindspots

When all comes to all, if you want to put your head in the sand, then that is up to you. In my world, it is not a wise decision, but it is a decision one can make. Problem is, my programming can result in me having my head buried deep in the sand, but living in an illusion where I don’t notice that my head is in the sand. Thus, I think I am seeing clearly above the surface, but the truth is: I am not (we all have our heads in the sand in different degrees). That is how the subconscious mind can be programmed to stay “blind” to certain things. I remember one time when I was practicing driving to get my driver’s license — I was driving on a two-lane road (going in the same direction), and I checked the mirrors to see if there was a car beside me or near behind me before switching lanes. No cars. As I was going to make the switch, the instructor stood on the brake and held the steering wheel. And a car passed by. That incident scared me. I checked my mirrors and still did not see that car. Yet, it was there, right beside me, but positioned in a spot where I could not see it. Unless…if I had turned my head slightly. Then I would have seen it with my peripheral vision. It was in my blindspot. My mirrors did not lie, but they did not show the whole picture. And it could have been fatal.

We can have different opinions, beliefs, and convictions about what is true and what is a lie. But, our personal opinion, beliefs, and convictions do not define truth. If I go outside when it rains, but refuse to believe that it is raining, the rain will still make me wet, because the actual truth is that the rain is pouring down on me, in spite of my beliefs and opinions about it. Do we want to know truth even if it might initially shock us, before it can empower us? 

Anyway, I am not in the business of convincing people about anything.

I see the Light in you.

For Freedom, Love, and Truth, 


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